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5 months ago
Platon Graphics is the best in vinyl graphics. I loved working with Charles. He made sure my business project was 100% perfected and even went out of his way to call and see if I was happy with my purchase a week later! Outstanding customer service!
- Charles C
5 months ago
We love Platon Graphics. From start to finish our project was fast, efficient and came out great! I would not hesitate to use this company! And they have a super friendly staff!
- Lucille L
5 months ago
Charles and the team at Platon Graphics did a great job with the floor graphics we ordered for our business. During the pandemic we thought it was a good idea to put arrows on the floor to direct the traffic. They were reliable and efficient.
- Maxine D

Large Quantity Discounts Since 1952

Custom Signs

A custom sign is something unique as it is one-of-a-kind. By offering a different message to your customers, you will gain their respect and loyalty. 

Customized signage is an important element in today's business world. Some of the advantages of using an inexpensive custom sign is that it is easy and quick to design, simple to produce, and readily available. Therefore, if you don't have a lot of time or money to invest in advertising, this may be the best option for you. 

Plastic Signs are very affordable, easy to produce, and can be used outdoors or indoors. There are hundreds of options, which can be used to promote anything from your product line, to special promotions, to discounts on the latest products from your company. The beauty of plastic signs is that they are long lasting and stain proof, and are hard wearing and easy to handle.

Acrylic is an attractive material for either outdoor or indoor signage. It is also very easy to handle, has superior color retention, and is UV resistant. Because of its durability, you won't have to worry about damaging or peeling acrylic. 

Acrylic is very popular because it is non-toxic and has a clear coating. It doesn't come in only one shade--instead, you can get it in a wide variety of colors. If you want the best price for a customized plastic sign, acrylic is probably the best choice. Wood has been a tradition for advertising ever since the beginning of advertising.

What is a custom banner? That's the question that many internet marketers need to know the answer to before creating a custom banner. A custom banner can be a small product advertisement that allows you to save space on your website--or it can be a large, professionally designed backdrop to go along with the display of your products. 

A very popular type of custom banner is the Personalized banner. This type of banner is more than just a simple static image. The customized banner is a great addition to your website because it gives your visitors something of value to remember your website by, while also providing your viewers with something that they can touch and feel--in the same way that your products do. 

A personal banner adds to the feeling of your website's content, giving your viewers a feeling of familiarity and belonging. These days, you can get a customized banner from a manufacturer's website, as well as from a lot of companies who are experts in their fields. 

A company that specializes in custom banners will have plenty of options available for your needs. If you want something really unique, you can even create your own banner from scratch--either at home or in the office. There are several programs available that can assist you with this. It's not difficult to be creative when you have a program that is designed just for you!

Many companies also have a wide variety of personal banners available for you to choose from.

Custom Wall Murals

Many homeowners, young and old, consider the decorating of their living room to be one of the most important and interesting phases of home ownership. Once you begin adding accents, light fixtures, flooring, and furniture, the kitchen or dining room becomes your living room. 

So it follows that the living room begins as a part of the bedrooms, right? It may seem that way, but making the kitchen or dining room a place to gather and eat and spend time can be a big mistake. The kitchen and dining room are where it is at, but for many homeowners, these rooms are places where they would rather be in a less homey setting, like their bedroom.

Although it may seem hard to believe, interior decorating is not as simple as spending the money on a wall mural and planning out the interior of your house. Instead, there are some things that need to be learned and taken into consideration before you start any sort of remodeling projects. After all, even if you have made changes that seem to fit, the interior design might not be the exact way that you had in mind. 

For example, the kitchen and dining room are generally used during dinner time, so if you want to change the decor in the kitchen, then you may want to change the decor in the dining room, too. Don't be afraid to talk to the person who did the construction if you are a little confused, because you will soon learn that it isn't as easy as just putting your wishes down on paper.

You will find that there are three different things that you can do with your existing walls. Of course, you can use them to add additional storage or use them as decorative walls, but if you want your kitchen and dining room to have a more contemporary feel, it may be easier to use an overlay. 

Custom wallpaper for homes is simply wallpaper that is made to match a specific decorating theme and style. For example, one type of custom wallpaper is a map of the United States. 

Other wall murals that are popular in many homes include a map of the world, with a map of the United States and a map of just the world. These wall murals are usually painted to look like a mural painted in your home.

Some wall murals can be custom made to be as detailed or as simple as you would like. Most wall murals are made from either a vinyl or fabric material.

Some custom wallpaper is made from vinyl. Vinyl is the cheapest and most commonly used material to make custom wall murals. Vinyl comes in a variety of colors, sizes and textures.

Vinyl wall murals are often found in large spaces such as kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms. They are also sometimes used to decorate the outside of buildings.  Vinyl wall murals are also used on boats, airplanes and even sports arenas.

Another type of vinyl wall mural is made from cloth. Cloth is not as expensive as vinyl and is also available in a variety of colors and textures. Cloth wall murals are usually found in smaller spaces such as bedrooms, bathrooms and living rooms. These wall murals are also sometimes used on boats, airplanes and even sports arenas. 

There are other types of wall murals such as the tree mural. Tree murals are not only popular due to their natural beauty, but they are also often used to decorate the outside of homes as well as on the inside.

The term "Vector Graphics" is a blanket term for various computer-aided drawing software tools that enable designers to create professional images and icons for a wide variety of applications. These applications may include commercial signage, commercial print media, and even web design.

Vector graphics--or graphics created with computer-aided design software (CAD)--are typically used in graphic design and photo editing. They are produced with a variety of graphic programs including Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, and Corel DRAW Express.

In the trade shows and other business events where you see several logos and design proposals from various companies, you can often spot a company logo on each truck. These trucks are usually blue or gray, so if you want to use it as your company's truck graphics, you will need to know which colors to use. 

The colors that are generally associated with truck graphics are red, yellow, and green. Red is a fairly common color for trucks, especially in the corporate world, but it is not a popular choice when it comes to truck graphics.

Window Decals and Custom Banners have come a long way since their origin as a relatively inexpensive system of advertising for small businesses. Custom signals were used on the exterior windows of shops to announce exceptional events and sales. Window clings were used by street musicians to promote their music. 

These small but effective strategies soon evolved to large vinyl banners which finally evolved into custom signs that adorned storefronts. They became a permanent fixture on vehicles and public property on account of the simple fact that they provided a cheap and efficient means to advertise a business enterprise. Today, they remain a powerful tool in the hands of business owners to get their message out.

Custom vinyl decals on glass storefronts is the first thing someone notices when they walk in. The window decals of an establishment does more then just allow in natural light. Custom window stickers use the available space within the window to have a specific purpose and use the window in a clever way to maximize your ability to attract and hold customers. Retail signage is a great way to bring in customers in droves and use custom signs to emphasize your products, services and even company information.

One common way to use vinyl lettering to emphasize your business is with frosted window signs. These signs can be printed in any color and uses any type of font you would like. A popular way of using frosted window signage is to create two identical letters that are the same size but have different color fonts. Customize window Decals For Your Small Business gives you the ability to show off your business. 

You can use these vinyl window decals on the outside of your store, or you can use them as a sort of window advertising for your business. The idea is to find the perfect way to get your message across, and to show people what your business has to offer. If you want to get more customers, custom vinyl decals are one of the best ways to do that. 

Window clings are most commonly used by retailers looking to use their front windows as a communication tool. Window clings are easy for store personnel to install. They’re usually large in size and most commonly used for fast food restaurants and retail stores. 

We see this all the time promoting Burger and Taco specials – two for one half off whatever the restaurant is trying to communicate. The same goes for retail stores and seasonal sales. Business owners like them because unlike window decals, they’re reusable. They amount to a big, easy and fast to change message to a company’s customers.

Floor graphics are often an essential complement to other types of advertising methods. It allows the marking of pedestrian areas and facilitates the traffic flow in open areas. 

If you're looking for creative communication support for your next trade shows? Or do you want to revamp the decoration of your premises? Whatever the reason, you can rely on the advertising floor sticker! It’s a strategic marketing tool to stand out from the competition at a trade show or event. You can use the floor sticker to create a trail leading to your exhibition stand. Or you can create a decoration with your color palette on your company’s premises

Floor graphic signage is a unique way of incorporating movement into your interior or exterior spaces, using dynamic floor decals which can be applied on any flat surface such as concrete, hardwood, glass, or tile. By incorporating this signage with other methods such as what are called "foot traffic" signs, you can effectively increase the effectiveness of your display.

Large format printing service is a printing service usually done on a large scale. Large format printing is usually the term used to describe non-grammatical or non-flat art work done on canvas. Large format printing can be done for cars, banners, posters, and just about anything else that call for a large-printed picture. They can be custom made, come in different colors and different materials. In other words, it can cover any large print requirement of a business. 

Here are some things that can be printed using large format printing: Vinyl signs, banner's window cling and graphic's are are great for making a business or organization known. These signs and vinyl banners can easily be seen from afar and can draw in many people into the business. Businesses can display a vinyl message such as the latest sale or promos or discounts on their signage or they can use it as an announcement of a grand opening that will be occurring nearby. Give us a call today to have a custom vinyl banner or window graphics made.

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